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Very strong; muscular man who is secretly admired by many women. Great personality and has a very large penis.
I am in love with Barfield.

Barfield has a huge penis.
by Ben Grogy February 04, 2010
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The person with the highest possible stress levels on the planet, they often succumb to extreme stress-bursts and are widely known for their massive douchification with everything they own/touch. The kind of person who thinks they're everything with the ladies/men, when everybody of the opposite sex actually secretly hates them due to extreme douchness. When told or proved wrong, either over entirely stupid situations, and especially in situations where they think they have a possible chance to score, these massive stress-bursts will occur. These often occur in walking massive or long distances, or just being quiet and sitting in a corner all day.
Example 1

Person 1: "Hey Person 2, can I have a dorito please?"
Person 2: "No, fuck off"
Person 1: "There not your's anyway, they're Person 3's. Hey Person 3, can I have a dorito?"
Person 3: "Yeah sure!"
Person 2: "Well fuck you all!"
*Person 2 walk's a massive distance home in a Barfield*

Example 2

Person A: "Hey Person B, that chick Clive fancies is in a tent with Jim"
Person B: "Hang on, what's Clive doing with that chair!?"
Person A: "Oh shit! He just beat them down with it! This shit looks bad!"
Person B: "He's gone proper Barfield on us!"
by uninunum May 22, 2011
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