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โ€œCome on mate, lets fire up the barbyโ€
โ€œPut some stake and onions on the barby, mateโ€
by Robby101 November 02, 2006
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"What the fuck? You girls are just a bunch of dumb Barbies"

Sammy Hoot and her friends are all barbies.
by Street Jumper. September 14, 2010
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Suburban, preppy girls or women who like to max out their father's/husband's Visa cards on a daily basis. Usually White, they use phrases like, "Oh my God," on a regular basis, and have usually never done a good day's work in their lives.
The Barbies spent entire day at the mall, checking out hotties at Abercrombie & Fitch before getting an iced chai to go.
by April March 13, 2004
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Gay men who define themselves as being transgender or are into cross-dressing and drag shows.
Barbies often prefer city life, given the lack of understanding and sensitivity they find in rural communities.
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Stiletto shoes with pointed toes that eventually deform feet; the shape of a Barbie doll's feet.
God, will you look at those killer Barbies!
by bagitbabe May 15, 2008
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