The best friend you could have. He helps you. You can always talk to him about everything. He never tells friends personal stuff to others. He is strong and friendly. If your in his arms you feel safe forever. If you get bullied he fixes it. Its the best boyfriend too! he has a big cock and he is good in bed. Baran catches all the bullets for you.
You being bullied...
Baran comes up: MUTHAFUCKA!
Baran fights them and fixes it all
by fajdjajwdja November 12, 2019
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A cool person who has long dick and is strong like ram, powerful like a truck. A person that can kick you in the balls when gets mad. A person with good sense of humor and fun to go out with.
Be friends with Baran, not enemy (for your own good)
by Yakjulaz October 23, 2010
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It is a persian name, given specially to a girl, meaning “rain”.
It is also thought as God’s blessing.
1. used as a name:

-What was her name again?
-Baran.. I guess.
-Oh i thought it was “Baron”.
-No thats totally different.
- Strange name yet with beautiful meaning.
- yep...

2.meaning the Moister which falls as raindrops from clouds

persian sentence*(باران مي بارد امشب)

(Baran mibarad emshab)
english translation*(tonight is raining)

Persain *(باران پاييزي)

(baran e paiezi)
English*(Autumn rain)
3.meaning teardrops

Persian sentence*(چشمام پر از بارونه)
English translation *(my eyes are filled with tears )
by neverlandgirl July 23, 2018
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Persian name (usually for a girl) that defines as: "the blessing of rain." As Persia is a very hot country, and often has periods of drought, rain is thought of as a very beautiful and precious thing.
As Rain:

"Belakhare dare baran miyad, khodaro shokr"
"It's finally raining! Thank God."

As a name:
"Vay! Baran chegadr bahale"
"Woah, Baran's so cool."
by bellamyblake May 16, 2016
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A strong, confident girl who'll kick your ass if she has to. She has a nice bod and a brain to boot.
Random Dude: Dude, check that hot piece of ass out!
Baran: What the fuck did you just say? Why you lil bitch -
*two hours later*
Doctor: So, you say this is your cousin?
Baran: *sobbing* Yes, Doctor, it was an accident!
*mom walks in*
Baran: *bolts out*
by tumblrrockblogs May 15, 2016
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