a cute little weeaboo. Always scrounging around for some cool underage anime pictures. Normally crawls on all four and was the forty-fourth president of the Unites States. normally horny tho, so prepare to flee at any immediate time.

is just such a flirt, y'know? he kissed dick cheney and made his evaporate like the scum he is. also smacked trump in his willy and trump made a "awooga" type noise, y'know? anyhow, they're all dead. bye.
person: happy birthday barack obama!
barack obama: shut the fuck up, i'm playing persona 5!
by mike pence looking ass March 15, 2021
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The GREATEST president the United States of America has ever had. Many people blamed him for former president, George W. Bush's mistakes. Though there are people out there who despise him for no logical reason, he is - and will always be - the best president there ever was. Obama for mankind!
"I'm Barack Obama, and I approve this message." - Barack Obama.
by Obama.for.mankind. September 22, 2010
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The Best President of part of the 20th and the 21st century. Much better than Trump. Had actually done things in this racist country for the better
Barack Obama was way better of a president than trump
by Dicky Long Johnson February 06, 2018
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The democratic candidate Barack Obama won the 2008 presidential election. George Bush is ordering a recount in all 50 states.
by Wakamusha April 10, 2007
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The first black president of the United States.

To all you asswipes who contributed definitions filled with nothing but words of hate, go get lives. Do you know why? Because no matter how much you try to knock him down, he still will have an achievement that your stupid asses will never know! It's called "being the president"... He won, Jon McCain didn't... Wipe your tears and move on, because you can't change the past (the past in which people thought Barack Obama would make a better president, because he does)...

So what if his middle name is Hussein? That doesn't make him a terrorist!

So what if he has a parent from Kenya? He is still a legal citizen, so it just proves that he has a more diverse background than a lot of us.

And so what if he is black? (I only address this because of the completely inappropriate word that comes up at the top of the page as a synonym for "Barack Obama") If you have a problem with the color of his skin, take good look in the mirror, because there is something wrong with you.
Asswipe: Barack Obama's middle name is Hussein, he works with terrorists!!
Me: No he doesn't
Asswipe: So, you agree with his socialist agenda, do ya?
Me: There is no "socialist agenda"
Asswipe: He isn't even a legal citizen!!!!
Me: You're an idiot and I can feel my brain cells dying just from listening to you... I am leaving now...
by Make Your Assumptions December 12, 2009
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