Steeped in strength, raised on dignity and determination, aware of the past, the present, and the possibilities of the future, a writer and an agent of positive change, the Senator from Illinois upon whose shoulders the future of the world rests.
Yes we can, and we will elect Barack Hussein Obama to be the next President of the United States. My middle name is Patrick, should I be ashamed of my Irish roots?
by Sergio Momarsh February 21, 2008
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Barack comes from a Hebrew root word (Mahashoresh) meaning "Blessing". Barak can also mean "lightning" in Hebrew (such as Judge Barak during the time of Judges in ancient Israel). Correctly pronounced as "Baa-Raak", not "Bae-wreck". Hussein is an Arabic name, used in many countries such as in Africa, India, and the Middle East. Many in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore also uses the name "Hussein". Correctly pronounced as "Hoo-say-een". Hussein means handsome, comely, beautiful.
Barack Hussein Obama boldly speaks up for immigrants, foreigners, refugees, and ethnic minorities. He also speaks Behasa Indonesia, due to his growing up in Indonesia with his mom and step father.
by Alex785 August 12, 2019
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To be brack obamad is to be shitted upon/ to leave a big fat log in someones toilet for 8 years
Yo tony yo bitch ass just got barack obamad
by Psksjidbshdnsjdnusjshjizz January 09, 2022
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Barack Obama is the first adult mulatto closeted Bisexual 44th President to be thought as a President that was going to unafie blacks and Whites, create more jobs, keep Criminal Foreigners out of America (the list goes on). But instead has caused race division, raised the deficit to support other countries, fostered panic about climate change, did little to find Sleeper Cell Terrorist Bombers in America, glorified gender confusion, didn't act on positive promises (the list goes on). In short. Became America's worst President between 2009 - 2017 leaving a massive mess for President TRUMP..
Hey, who you voting for? Barack Obama cuz he's black!'re an idiot..
by Kleptodog August 16, 2021
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The only president with the sole accomplishment of being a token, literally all his accomplishments are either something someone else did (like claiming the 2016 to 2019 economical raise was because of his presidency) or straight up disastrous (like operation fast and furious and obamacare that cost more than giving every single citizen insurance), but he's black and that's all that matters, he definitely isn't this God like figure that came from black heaven to save as all like most msm would like you to believe nor is he this devil that came to eat as all he's just a not that good politician. But so some idiots don't get mad Lincoln (I was going to say Washington, but I know some dumbass would still be mad even though he had almost 100% the votes and was a very good president) was way better and LBJ (who was known to be extremely corrupt and racist and might have killed JFK) is way worse.
Barack Obama the only president that hadn't met a black person till he went to college (true story he actually lived in a white area with his white mother and step-dad until he went to college)
by Somebody someone no one January 13, 2022
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