Thicc legend chicken. Bantam is the bestestesterest, sexiest, most intelligent, and most lovablester being in all the universe and beyond. No matter how much he denies it, Bantam tends to lie a lot by saying he has a boring life. Very considerate, funny and interesting. Nobody can come close to comparing to someone as perfect as Bantam.
Bam: bantam is MIA again
huwa: bAn cOMe bACk
by huwAHHHH January 23, 2019
The bantam defended his midget friends from a toddler.
by Anonymous October 3, 2003
Small or youngest compared to the norm
"The bantam team at my high school was only for 9th graders."
"That bantam son of a bitch can still pass off as a child on the metro!"
by Indigo353 April 27, 2007
Bantam is Batman spelled incorrectly.
Oh my farking god! Bantam touched me! Err, Batman! (Damn you all!)
by Shane April 5, 2005