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To brutally and unforgivingly suck the life out of another person’s neck
Ah man, what the hell happened to Dylan’s neck?
“It got bangused bro”
by Little_stinker May 12, 2018
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v. a play in soccer, when dribbling towards the goalie, and playing the ball back to your forward.
Do the bangu when the goalie's out of position!
by Melly V June 03, 2004
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Adjective to describe a positive situation or attractive member of the opposite sex. Can also be used to describe the act of coitus.
"That bitch is bangus!"
"Did you get your bangus on last night?"
"Biggity bangus."
"That was some boneless bangus."
by Bangushof November 25, 2008
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A Filipino name for the common Milkfish. It is around 8 to 14 inches long and usually exhibits a milky-white underbelly with softer, smaller scales than those found on other parts of the fish's body.

This type of fish is well-known in the Philippines, and can be cooked or prepared in many varieties, such as, but not limited to:
- Fried/Smoked Bangus
- Steamed Bangus
- Relyenong (Stuffed with diced onions, salty egg and tomatoes) Bangus

For all types of preparations, the belly of the bangus, or "bangus belly" is usually the most sumptuous part of the fish's body since it has the softer meats and contains majority of the fish fats and oils. These fish fats and oils, contrary to fats coming from land-based animals, are very healthy and usually contain good amounts of Omega-3.

For more perverse and covert purposes of unmentionable nature, the word BANGUS may also refer to any girl or woman that has the name or nickname which sounds similar to "bangus", "bangus belly" or "belly". Some names that fit the description are listed below:

-IsaBEL or IsaBELa
-Bell or Belle
***This requirement is a MUST for it to have any relation with a girl/woman. Using this term on a girl with a name or nickname that DOES NOT sound like "bangus", "bangus belly" or "belly" will render the term's effectivity and meaning null and void.

These women may be described as "slippery" or hard to get/get a firm grip on -like a fish- and may be used when other people, usually of the opposite sex, currenty have a hard time getting to go out with, or talk to the person refered to as a "bangus". This term may also be used if the person being refered to is within earshot of any conversation the people who are refering to her as a "bangus" may be having. This keeps the vital information or dialogue that is shared from being distinguished or recognized by the girl/woman refered to as a "bangus".

The term "bangus", given the above constraints, may be lastly used by people who have a desire to be with the girl/woman refered to as a "bangus". This allows, with little fear of criticisms of immoral desires from any random witnesses, the verbal display of what that person would like to do, or have, with the refered, such as a personal, intimate relationship, or sexual contact or activity.

The term "Banguuuuuuuuuus!" is a derivation of the original term "bangus", and when used in dialogue, it is more likely that the person or user of the term is refering to a girl/woman instead of an ordinary Milkfish.
I want to eat that bangus. (Refers to actual fish)

I want to eat that bangus. (Refers to girl)

I would like to stuff that bangus. (May refer to fish or girl)

That bangus is hot/smokin'. (Refers to a freshly-fried/cooked fish)

That bangus is hot/smokin'. (Refers to a hot-looking, beautiful girl/woman)
by Xiand February 23, 2007
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