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A southern Korean boy band that has 7 freaking hot and sexy members that makes girls scream and fight over them.
Rap Monster - The hot rapping leader.
Jin - The oldest but can be the real stuff.
Suga - The dangerous baby face.
J-Hope - The pro dancer that has a lot of fiery moves.
Jimin - His squishy face and abs that can rock you hard.

V - Aka Taehyung, can be really hot, sexy, and cute at the same time.
Jungkook - The youngest member that can do almost everything (rap, sing, dance, etc.) and the mischievous youngster that kill you with his sexiness and cuteness (the death of you).
Stranger: OMFG hfhfhfhhduhdhdhjwiikqiqoiwkkdnhfaaajfhokjebbejefkj WHO ARE THOSE BOYS!!!
Me: My boys ROCKED THAT STAGE!!!! They are known as BANGTAN!!
Stranger: Can I have him (points at J-Hope)
Me: Nope
Stranger: Can I have him (points at V)
Me: Nope
Stranger: Then can I have him (points at Jungkook)
Me: Nope
Stranger: THEN WHO CAN I HAVE???!!!!
Me: Points at PD-nim you can have him........
by Park_Hana123 September 05, 2015
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Korean Boy Band, that consists of seven members J HOPE, Rap Monster, Suga, Jungkook, Jin, V, and Jimin, who are hot as fuck.
Person one: Who are they?
Person two: Bangtan, Bangtan Boys, BTS, they have alot of names
Person one: They're pretty cute
Person two: How dare you disrespect them, they are very cute, and hot as fuck, bitch fight me
by IGotNoJamsForMyKookies November 06, 2017
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Bangtan is a Korean word meaning Bulletproof.

Bangtan (Full definition Bangtan Sonyeondan) is a K-pop boy group. Bangtan Sonyeondan is known better as BTS. These 7 GODS are perfect at EVERYTHING. THEY ARE THE BEST. Don’t fight me 🀫
Have you ever heard of Bangtan Sonyeondan a.k.a BTS?

ok, bye bye.
by BTS_Lover07 November 02, 2019
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a k-pop group that was made by Kim Namjoon which is the leader and Bighit entertainment
via giphy
by Ayokei November 06, 2018
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