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The state of being angry and horny at the same time. The desire to bang the angry out.
"Listen, we've both had a terrible day, but I'm incredibly bangry. Shall we adjourn to the bedroom?"
by TheoraJones June 29, 2012
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Becoming so sexually frustrated that you are not just irritable you are actually angry and the only cure is to bang. Until then, you will be Bangry.
My wife never has time for sex but she dresses so sexy that it makes me bangry.
by The Glunk December 17, 2011
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An accumulated or sporadic feeling of anger that results in the urge to use sexual intercourse as a means to diffuse, distract, or resolve one's negative emotional state. Alcohol is often a determining factor in the occurance of this feeling, and this can result in a myriad of effects.

Emotional effects may include: confusion; dissapointment; more anger; depression; and, feelings of euphoria.

Physical effects may involve: spousal arguments; rape charges; sexually transmitted infections or diseases; and social exclusion (or inclusion, depending on the culture).

Not to be confused with make-up sex.
"Man! I'm so fucking bangry right now! Let's hit the dancefloor."


"I'm feeling pretty bangry...I should see what that guy/girl is doing.'
by Jizzy Jess May 11, 2011
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The state of mind that one enters after meeting a girl or boy that they would like to bang but become angry because for whatever reason -- one is not hot enough, the other person is taken, etc. -- they cannot get with that person.
"That girl is so fine, but she's not interested in me. She makes me bangry!"
by SharonK November 17, 2005
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When you’re upset because you haven’t had sex for too long of a duration.
Sorry I was so mad this morning; after 48 hours without sex I get a little bangry.
by MgarrettF August 13, 2018
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When you're so horny and need sex so bad that you're legitimately pissed off and mad at the world.
"I was so BANGRY, I fucked my ex."

"Masturbation is fun, but when you're need the real thing."

"BANGRY or not...I wouldn't fuck her/him."
by T.Cain August 23, 2017
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A small woodland furry creature that often becomes enraged for no apparent reason.
The other day I was walking through the woods and I saw a Bangry tear a deer's antlers off with its talons!
by Michael Aro November 25, 2010
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