somehow every known word thats not made up in urban dictionary.
might be real, might be not, most likely not because this is urban dictionary, theres.... you know what definitions about those same definitions
bruh: so apparently bruh is a Band name
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Something that high school musicians seem to spend an eternity settling on, and often resorting to random phrases, in jokes, and in the case of death metal bands a word to do with disease, death or witchcraft
Drummer: Dude we should totally name the band 'Ninjas on fire.'

Bassist: No loser that's a terrible band name, no one will take us seriously we'll never make it with a name like that.

Guitarist: You guys realize we can't play any songs and all we did was make a MySpace right?
by ChucklesMginty October 23, 2008
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the band names are band names that have the word "The" in it. these bands are usually indie, so they suck.
"the decemberists" are an example of the use of the band names, because they have a lame name, and they suck.

stereotypical indie band name: "The carving a giant"
by tnbmistksg August 1, 2009
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Directly related to name dropping, the act of creating an overly large list of bands in an effort to appear more culturally secure rather than a true love of music. The "band name dropper" is trying to appear more cultured and music knowledgeable that they really are. Intelligent people are able to see through the facade and this is a negative habit.
"Oh Hey! I like Tool, The Stones, Metallica, Foo Fighters, blah blah blah, Styx, The Beatles, blah blah.. (usually by now you tune out again.)"

Anyone who has an online profile with more than 7-10 bands in the "music I like" section is a high candidate for band name dropping.
by electrawn June 9, 2006
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When a group of musicians who aren't that great name their band something super cool. Usually you will here this band's name and be like "oh damn" and go look it up. You will be disapointed.
Mitch: Dude I heard about this band "Attack Attack!" last week and it sounded cool so I looked them up.

Alec: That's a sick name! I'm going to check them out!

Mitch: No don't bother. There was some Shady Band Naming going on...
by Not that guy!!! April 25, 2011
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A band of two or more people that has taken the name of one person who is not in the band or who doesn't exist, such as Georgie James or Franz Ferdinand.
"I spent the whole party telling people how brilliant a musician I thought Bishop Allen was before someone told me Bishop Allen's a name band. How embarrassing."
by Brian Whipple March 24, 2008
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A name given while being a rookie in a band/marching band. Usually off of a characteristic or style. The name is demeaning on purpose. To build respect and humility for their leaders. ONLY BAND MEMBERS CAN CALL ANOTHER BAND MEMBER BY THEIR BAND NAME...
Gizmo, midnight, creature, fat basterd, peewee, le pu are a few band name given in a band.
by Lil_drummer_girl_00 April 18, 2019
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