a really expensive “luxury fashion” clothing brand based in paris. a lot of rappers wear it
“I can’t buy no bitch a wedding ring, rather go out and buy balmain(s)” -lil pump
by nlolhere July 5, 2020
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Greatest Australian Rugby League team of all time. Began in 1908 in the New South Wales Rugby League competition, the club would win 11 premiership titles during its professional existence. Unlucky to have lost back to back in 1988 and 1989, as they fielded such club legends as Wayne Pearce, Gary Jack, Paul Sironen and Benny Elias.

The club was severely fucked by the onset of the Super League fiasco, which enabled the shit cunt Brisbane Broncos to steal a fuckload of money from many NSW foundation clubs. Became the mighty Wests Tigers in 2000 as a joint venture with the equally legendary Western Suburbs Magpies. Balmain Tigers, you may be out of top grade football, but we will never forget.
Balmain Tigers steam rolled Brisbane Broncos 48-2.

Watch as Tim Brasher runs the full length of the field to score the match winning try. Coast to coast baby!
by Superbowl Xv March 28, 2018
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Ateez’s leader Hongjoong is the Balmain Prince
olivier_rousteing comment under Hongjoong’s post “The Balmain Prince”
“Do you know who is the Balmain Prince ?”
“Oh, its Hongjoong from Ateez, right?”
Oh yeah, you’re right”
by wtimiiii00 September 2, 2023
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Boys from the upper class.

When you see a Balmains you have to pull a queue patch.
«He's so up there, you can see he's a Balmains. I wish my bf also was like him»
by Casper IV April 27, 2022
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terrible school do not go under any circumstances
aye what school u go to
“balmain high”
“never talk to me again”
by kdjdjsjfjeiwoMnz June 3, 2023
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