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The leader and lead rapper of the group ATEEZ. He is one of the softest humans on the planet, and his little giggle saves lives. He is alwaus smiling and just wants everyone to be a happy human. When he’s on stage though, he becomes the devil himself and the duality is insane. Offstage, he is the ultimate uwu king and loves his other members and fans so much, it’s so cute oml what the fluff, I’m crying just writing this. Just love Kim Hongjoong, he deserves it.
Perfection? Hongjoong.

Precious? Hongjoong.
Powerful rapper? Hongjoong.
A baby? Hongjoong.

by yeet108 February 19, 2019
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The cutest and softest human being alive. He has duality to be honest and it's hard to be a soft stan sometimes. He is tiny and is pocket size. Must be protected at all cause. He is very hardworking and determined person! To be honest, the best boy.
Hongjoong utopia
Hongjoong undercut
Hongjoong rapper

Seonghwa : I putted up pictures of hongjoong because he won't come back home regularly.
Yeosang : seonghwa hyung, doesn't know where the living room is and that's saddening.
by Yeohwaism December 10, 2020
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