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The greatest Australian Rules footballer of all time. Started out in the VFL in 1980 for the Richmond Tigers. Did not play a senior game, but received invaluable guidance from coach Tom Hafey and others on the Tigers coaching staff on how to play at the top level. Went on to the Melbourne Demons, St Kilda Saints and Geelong Cats to kick 308 goals from only 82 games.

A true show man, who was known to celebrate goals in his own unique ways. Would kick straight and would also handpass to running players. Never backed down from the biffo. Gave some of the goody goody Hawthorn defenders a hiding on occasion. The so called 'do gooders' in the media and football circles would chastise Jacko because he was different to all his fellow football players. A man who dared to be different, played like a fuckin genius and made his respective clubs a shitload of cash.

Post retirement, Jacko branched out into acting, advertising and boxing - usually charity bouts for kids with health problems. Also performed around Australia on stage with his good mate Chopper Read as The Wild Colonial Psychos.

The current AFL should employ him as the CEO. Jacko, I salute you.
Mark 'Jacko' Jackson, a fuckin legend.

"I'm an original, you can't fool me!"
"Oi! Oi!"
"I thought Corobboree was Aboriginal for robbery!"
"The current batch of AFL players are a bunch of frauds and cheats!"

Yuppie or hipster AFL fan - "Mark Jackson was nothing but a thug and show pony who hardly played a game.

Me - Jacko was a fuckin legend of the game who could kick fuckin straight and didn't tolerate any bullshit. Now go home with your cute little beard and over priced boutique doggy and fuck your mother!
by Superbowl Xv March 28, 2018
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One of the greatest Australian cars of all time. First produced in 1967, the Torana would become an Australian icon, thanks greatly to Peter Brock and his many victories at Bathurst. 1977 brought about the LX model, which allowed buyers the A9X option. A fuckin beast. 308 Holden V8 with performance brakes and exhaust. The UC model was a fuckin shit heap. Still better than anything from Japan. Now a highly sort after vehicle and a dream addition to any true Australian garage.
Robbo and his fuckin Holden Torana are doing doughies at the Woodridge High School oval.
by Superbowl Xv March 28, 2018
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An awful fuckin suburb situated in the northern suburbs of Brisbane, Australia. A place you end up when all your hope is lost (or the neighbouring Morayfield). Do not go there!
I took the train and got off at Caboolture station. By the time I had walked to the gocard machine, i had already been raped.

Avoid Caboolture.
by Superbowl Xv January 5, 2019
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A true Australian icon and legend. An author, stand over man and intellectual. Cut his own ears off while in prison. A yuppies worst nightmare. Eric Banna portrayed him in the film "Chopper".
"Get them ears off."
"They had to re-stitch his anal webbing."
"Keithy seems to have done himself a mischief."
Chopper Read, Australia salutes you!
by Superbowl Xv March 28, 2018
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Greatest Australian Rugby League team of all time. Began in 1908 in the New South Wales Rugby League competition, the club would win 11 premiership titles during its professional existence. Unlucky to have lost back to back in 1988 and 1989, as they fielded such club legends as Wayne Pearce, Gary Jack, Paul Sironen and Benny Elias.

The club was severely fucked by the onset of the Super League fiasco, which enabled the shit cunt Brisbane Broncos to steal a fuckload of money from many NSW foundation clubs. Became the mighty Wests Tigers in 2000 as a joint venture with the equally legendary Western Suburbs Magpies. Balmain Tigers, you may be out of top grade football, but we will never forget.
Balmain Tigers steam rolled Brisbane Broncos 48-2.

Watch as Tim Brasher runs the full length of the field to score the match winning try. Coast to coast baby!
by Superbowl Xv March 28, 2018
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One of the greatest Australian films of all time. Plenty of blood and guts and fuckin good cars. Top story as well.
"Shoties are good, mate".
"The wrong choices can really fuck you up."
Two Hands is fuckin brilliant.
by Superbowl Xv March 28, 2018
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