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A multipurpouse exclamation expressing joy, surprise, or a humorous reaction to a person, place, or event.
John arrived home and discovered that his neighbor had baked him a delicious pie. "Ballsagna!" he exclaimed.
by grammar4646 August 20, 2010
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The act of sneakily pouncing your ball-sac onto another person's body by getting them to admit to liking Italian Food.
Karl: "Hey do you like Italian food?"

Adam: "Uh... sure?"

by Compliments of Big Bob July 10, 2009
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From the Italian - meaning "balls on ya". Ballsagna means to have 1 or more pair of balls on ya at any given time. It's like a tea bagging but it can be on any part of your body. Sometimes at parties, people pass out and others take pictures with balls on the person who consumed too much alcohol.
(You) Hey Jim did you like the party last night?
(Jim) Yeah it was fun, from what I can remember
(You) Well, here's ya one, you remember having Ballsagna forehead?
by 20WeaponX October 28, 2013
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either ...

a) a form of meat lasagna with meatballs in it.


b) something you do to someones forehead with your scrotum sack.
would you like some ballsagna?
by r00t December 27, 2003
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When a man decides to splash his testicles in a warm plate of lasagna making sure there is plenty of sauce and maybe even a noodle on his sack and then he proceeds to rub his chef boyardee balls on her tits and face.
I had left over lasagna from Olive Garden so i figured i would give my bitch the Ballsagna.
by Zee Dubya Es May 23, 2009
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"Balls-on-ya" noun. A culinary dish, originally from northeastern Italy, that blends lasagna with the main ingredient testes. "Ballsagna" is also the name of a hip-hop masterpiece by squeezedeeznutz and pleezdeeznutz, a rap duo from da dirrrty south. The main hook goes like this:

get some noodles
get some sauce
get some cheese
and use my balls

would you like to taste my "ballsagna?"
get some of that special sauce.
by G-ballz December 09, 2007
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A delicious nutritious meal consisting of a meaty sauce and of course, a man's ever delicious testicles. (Usually eaten by women)
-She loves to eat hairy ballsagna.
-I put my meaty ballsagna all over her hair.
-Who the fuck told everyone my favorite meal is ballsagna?
by Dunkin Dos'Nuts November 16, 2009
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