In basketball, one who never passes the ball to other players and just tries to shoot for himself.
Bob: Mike is such a ballhog; whenever he gets the ball, he just shoots it without even trying to pass it to one of us!
Joe: I know right...
by yu hm September 6, 2012
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Person with 2 IQ that never passes the ball, a.k.a main reason of the game loss.
-"Dickhead is such a Ballhog, he always choose to throw the ball and fail instead of passing the ball to someone who is wideopen."
by October 7, 2020
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someone who doesn't pass the ball

someone who chooses showing off some difficult crap rather than doing the right thing by giving the ball up

someone who hurts the team (no no not Kobe Bryant's case where he's benefitting the team)
Steve Francis is a ballhog
Stephon Marbury is a ballhog

Allen Iverson can be a ballhog, but he helps his team a lot by ballhogging

Kobe Bryant can be a ballhog as well, but he also helps his team a lot by ballhogging
by L SSSSSSquared August 24, 2006
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