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When you're 20-10 pages from finishing a book, and someone tells you a spoiler that makes not finish the book altogether.
Bobe: I'm so close to finishing the book
Jim: Are you at the part where the doge dies?
Bobe: Thanks for the last page spoiler, fuck you Jim.
by Thar Master November 29, 2015
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When you do so much homework without any break that your brain gets hungover and you can't think about shit. This leads to getting some delicious snack that's for "Thinking purposes"
Bob: I'm hungover, I need a brain snack.
Bill: Bitch, you're just finding another excuse to eat something you fat slob.
by Thar Master October 8, 2015
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When you constantly work and your brain is so hungover you need to take a break and have a "Brain Snack".
Bob: Damn, so much work, I need a brain snack
Bob (Sub conscious): Stop eating you fat slob
by Thar Master October 15, 2015
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Term used for licking somebody's salty balls. It can also be an insult to an annoying prick.
"Quit being such a ball licker, you're ruining the fucking party Miley Cyrus! You're freaking out the guests, stop licking everything you see!"
Miley Cyrus: Starts licking balls.
by Thar Master November 10, 2014
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