Balked- trying to hook up with someone and all you get is a long night of strictly cuddling.
Example Larry was trying to hook up with that girl the other weekend but he was balked because he has no game.
by papacreegs February 08, 2013
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The act of going on a walk while drinking beer. A "Beer wALK".
Dude 1-Hey man you want to go on a walk?

Dude 2-Not really, that sounds gay.

Dude 1-I'll have beers.

Dude 2-Oh a balk! Why didn't you say so.
by jaimeburro3 July 14, 2010
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a guy/boyfriend that tends to be genuinely perfect, extremely fine, and mind-blowingly amazing
he is so balke!
by lukeisamazing March 24, 2009
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Baseball: To make an illegal motion ingame.
THe pitcher balked and allowed the runner to go in for the winning run.
by Baseball Dude July 17, 2005
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When, in sexual intercourse, one makes a wrong move, ie, a slap on the ass, and the partner is appauled. They then stop all ensuing action.
"When I asked her about eating a sandwich in bed last night, it was a total balk."
by the product December 04, 2005
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The act in which a female deceives a male target in order to draw attention. The penalty of such a balk, like that of a balk by a pitcher in baseball, shall be the awarding of the next "base" to the male.
"Dude I met an 8 at the bar, but when I took her home and reached up her shirt, I found out her bra was 4 1/2" thick. I immediately called her female balk and was entitled to a dry handy."

"I reached into her pants and started to touch her clit, but she wouldn't let me go any further. Turns out she was on her period, as if she didn't know this when I met her at the bar. BALK! I was immediately awarded her mouth."
by P EZ September 24, 2011
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Similar to writer's block, a writer is mentally incapacitated from writing. However, the incapacitation stems from lack of willpower or lack of interest/enthusiasm in the actual project, rather than a lack of imagination or creativity. Is often paired with, though not necessarily a part of, procrastination. Can be used as a verb (i.e., writer's balking, writer's balked).
1: Hey, did you start that essay that 3 assigned you?
2: No. Writer's balk. It's a shitty subject to talk about. I don't like writing about it.

3: What's keeping 5 from finishing the review?
4: She writer's balked because the movie is that awful.
3: Do I have to finish it?
4: Yeah.
by They call me Ze September 18, 2010
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