An unusual breed of ape that resides in Northern Ireland and the East coast of America. These creatures are often confused about they're sexuality and have been known to mate with members of the same sex and even each other making them inbreeds! They have also been known to mate with other animals and are particularly fond of mating with siamese cats. The American breed are apparently a bunch of wankers but the Irish breed are not much different. The American breed unfortunately suffer from the same delusions as all Americans and have a tendency to Masturbate over they're own country and its leader. The Irish breed are quite fond of wresting, watching sweaty half-naked and sometimes almost completey naked men grapple with each other, but after all, they are bi-curious. One of them suffers from a genetic defect known as melon head syndrome which unfortunately for him brings him a lot of ridicule as he has a melon head.

Regards Pophead
Balfour is a wanker.
Balfour sucked off Shaun.
Ryan Balfour loves Robert.
by Pophead March 2, 2005
He got so old and they hung so low that he suffered from Scuffed Balfour Syndrome.
by Sir Dusty Balfour January 18, 2005
a place that’s stinks like asshole and is filled with a bunch of weird ass kids, and that’s on stank.‼️🙃
“heard balfour stinks

“ balfour collegiate yeah your right filled with wired kids too”
by xcurlyheadx February 12, 2020
Loosely based on Godwin's Law, Balfour's Law states that whenever an Israel or Jewish thread takes place online and a poster performs a threadjack by stating that Israel never should have existed in the first place, said poster automatically looses the argument and the thread is effectively over. When used in conjunction with Godwin's Law, poster will thereafter be know as an "asshat," and will be prone to ridicule and or biatch slapping on any thread in which he or she posts.
"Here we were talking about hot IDF chicks and this douche nozzle had to go and invoke the wrath of Balfour's law. What a mouth breather."
by Rob Gennet July 15, 2006
A letter written by the British Foreign Office stating that the contemporary Palestine would become the new home for Jews. It also stated that the non-Jewish residents of Palestine will not be deprived of their rights, and the Jewish people of other nations will not be deprived of their rights.
Thumbs down if you disagree with the Balfour Declaration of 1917, thumbs up if the opposite.....
by baa.1234 September 5, 2008