The act of getting high and watching porn on the internet for a long period of time.
Dude, Chad and I baked cookies last night on my girlfriends computer, it was chill.
by effinbrian March 11, 2011
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To have Sex. To produce cookies. See orgasm.
The proper way to bake a cookie is to preheat the oven before sticking in the dough.
by Akasha January 21, 2005
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"Mom, I'm going to my boyfriends house now."
"what are you going to do there?"
"Oh, probably just baking cookies."
"Okay, honey, have fun."
by wilfs January 6, 2008
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Nick: Yo Kate what do you say we go bake cookies?

Kate: Okay sounds good to me

Nick: Perfect, now i have a chance to use my grandmas secret recipe
by The Master Cookie Chef March 4, 2009
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New way of saying we had sex or wanna have sex
GF: Me and my bf are baking cookies tonight
BF: Hells yea
Random Guy:He must be gay
by iJuStCaM3 December 20, 2011
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To make a crispy flat cake made out of dough.
I was baking cookies for my guests.
by Lucy November 23, 2003
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A Pejorative term for people who think highly of their cooking abilities, due to the fact that their recipes contain marijuana, and/or a person that is high during the cooking process.
"Oh great! That No-Bake Cooky found It's way back into My house. Now everything tastes like ass and I can't drive."

"That No-Bake Cooky just microwaved a box of Little Debbies Cosmic Brownies."
by sure-it-can January 8, 2013
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