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a relatively small town in Washington. rapidly expanding, though. "Downtown" is a nice hangout. It's down by the water of Liberty Bay... there's a park, there's lots of restaurants and antique shops. Every year, there's "Viking Fest" which is a big carnival. EVERYBODY goes. There's lots of fundraising booths, local food booths, some carni games and some rides. Now... about the people... Lots of drug use by the teenagers. Lots of little teeny bopper whores who wear too much eyeliner and go to raves. More than half of the people who live in Poulsbo are elderly. Everybody freaks out when it snows. Plenty of bad drivers. But overall, Poulsbo is a nice, lovely, beautiful place to live.
"Hey dude, let's go walk downtown from school today and buy some smoothies or something."

"Yeah, I live in Poulsbo. It's so boring!"

"Man, I love Poulsbo, P-Town."
by harleyyyquinn September 30, 2009
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Place of gods. Envy of mortals.
i had sex with brittnay everett in poulsbo, porn capital of the universe. aww-yea!
by Nathaniel Reebus October 11, 2007
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The place where all the cool people hang out. There is nobody over 50 there at all, it is the hippest place to hang out. Also the best place to buy drugs, high quality drugs.
Dude I went to Poulsbo and bought some crack and I was high as hell for weeks, 20 bucks a kilo for the good stuff, I love Poulsbo
by Romanfool October 28, 2007
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Small town mainly populated with old people and old people activities
If your under 50 stay away!
by aly September 05, 2004
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Poulsbo is a town who think they all that they think they a rich ass town they basically the thot out of all of the other towns. All the kids are stuck up. Some are just crackheads
Poulsbo thinks there the best but they not
by Bombass Chick April 18, 2018
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