The funny, pretty, nice, smart girl that everyone loves and no one hates has many friends and loves them with all her heart.
Bailie is the most honest and truthfull girl I ever met.
by Attractivekey30 February 08, 2015
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The BEST girl you could ever find, Amaaaazing in every way.. Just doesn't realize it yet. Talk to her, you'll love her inside and out. HOTTIEEE!! ;)
Hey.... there goes Bailie. I'm gonna go get her numberr(:
by GottaLoveMe(: September 14, 2010
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A fucking beautful girl who is so gorgeous with her long curly hair and amazing smile she is so selfless and will listen to all of your problems and never complain about the things going on in her life. She is so sweet and amazing to be around. Bailie is always there for you so if you know a bailie then treasure her forever.
Person1. Look at that cute girl bailie
Person2. Ya shes real cute im gonna go talk to hrr
by Gingergirl 0219 December 11, 2019
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She’s the best friend or girlfriend everrrrr .Once you see her your fall in love with this beautiful and smart girl .Even when she sad she beautiful .I love Bailie Bradford in every way ,sorry but she taken .Yall NEED to find someone like her💛💛🤞🤞
Bailie is the finest girl in the world
by Oh my gosh she fine October 16, 2018
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The most amazingly beautiful and interesting girl you will ever meet. Bailis are loving, caring, accepting, forgiving, and patient. They are very smart and very bubbly.
Im planning baili's birthday so it has to be perfect! She deserves it.
by pseudonymphomanic November 10, 2014
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One of the prettiest sweetest girls you will ever meet. She has her blond moments but shes actually really smart! She gets a little flirty but shes a girl can ya blame her.? She would never to anything to hurt a friend but do not become her enemy or she will mess you up!! she's no hoe or skank, shes a down-to-earth girl that wants a commited relationship and many friends,,,anyone would be lucky to have this girl in their life, she is AMAZING<3(:
"Damn she's hot who is that?"
"Oh that's Baily but don't try anything she wants a relationship and she's not stupid! ... well most of the time"
"oohh well she is very pretty and seems really fun"

"Hell yeah i am!!"
(: (:
by basketbalbabe181 April 14, 2011
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