A ginger-haired man who plays in scrabble tournaments. He walks about the place looking both menacing and confused. Always wears the same blue shirt.
Who's the ginger guy in the sweaty blue shirt?

That'll be Bailers.
by Brian Armadillo September 8, 2006
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A type of person that says they can do something, but when the time comes to meet up with the person that invited them to the event, they make up some lame ass excuse to why they can't come.
Person 1: Can you make it to the target center for the Ozzy concert this evening at 6?
Person 2: Totally dude.

*at 6:05 PM*
Person 2: *calls person 1 on his cell* sorry dude I can't make it, my dog has toenail fungus and I need to bring him to the vet
Person 1: okay *hangs up* God I know so many fucking bailers!
by Nekocatz November 1, 2007
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a bailer is either someone who shows up late doeesn t show up or finds it necessary to leave the event for a bullshit reason a good amount of the time cause or girlfreind whose gripping his balls to hard
Oh like person X says i ll show up and they arrive 2 hours late or like yah i ll come but 5 min before there like wait i can t my girlfriends vagina itches and i need to scratch it all night thats a bailer
by shittystatements October 22, 2008
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an adjective used to describe someone who bitches and whines a lot, and cannot take a joke or insult. Its usage is mostly confined to the southeast of Ireland.
Jack: Hey, I had your mother last night.
Jonathan: Don't make fun of me, I hate when you do that
Jack: Stop being a bailer.
by FarroIshida May 9, 2010
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1. To quit or to be defined as a quitter.
2. To "puss" out.
3. To admit your lack of manhood and forfeit all doubt about your sexual preference.
"That sketchball is the biggest bailer ever!"
by Asecis April 12, 2005
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To make plans to go to the most amazing concert ever with your buddies and then then drop out at the last minute because your girlfriend is a succubus and you're whipped.
Oh great, we have to find somebody to buy Jesse's concert ticket because he's a fucking bailer as usual.
by Bootycakes August 20, 2007
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One who bails on or rejects a perfect oppurtunity to get something done.
That CJ kid, he's a total bailer. He had a whole evening alone with that girl and he didn't even ask her out.
by oivay October 15, 2011
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