Bahar is a cutest girl in the world with beautifulest eyes}.
Every boys want to had this pretty girl and every girls want to be her.
If you want to see the heaven, just look at her eyes.
Bahar is the best girl in the world.
by scorpion_03 August 19, 2018
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Bahar is the most loving affectionate person ever if she ever can’t help herself she’s always there for u. She will never leave u alone because she doest want you go through whatever is hurting u alone she wants to join along ur mysterious adventures and wants to learn about u. She’s sooo freaking adorable her eyes will blow u away her smile will make u feel heaven 🤯🤯😇😇🥰she’s soo damm creative she’s really talented at art she can draw whatever u want .she’s really smart at school she gets them A++ she’s the type of person that u want to stay forever and she will never leave u alone because what u went through she already knows she’s always there for u she’s is loyal asf she tries he best no matter what.

by Xxxlittyxxxxx June 6, 2019
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A beautiful Turkish name which means Spring like the season. Any girl which has this name will make you become addicted to her smell, her laughter and her colourful way of living. She will teach you to love like no other. You will feel warmth and desire when she is with you and feel the winter when she is not.
Oh wow, Bahar is almost here. --> Oh wow spring is almost here!
by besasu December 16, 2011
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Bahar is a puck who Is a awesome painter and has a great taste in music. She is so pretty, kind, attractive and has a amazing body. She’s boyfriend is a sweet guy who always loves her and do anything for her.
Bahar also can make you to feel happy all the time.
by Venous August 17, 2018
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2.A girl's name found mainly in Iran.
1.It's spring again and the flower's have bloomed.
2.Bahar,you've gone and messed everything up again!!!
by Bahar December 31, 2005
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The name Bahar means spring,
Spring is a season of life,
When someones life starts they are a baby.

Justin Bieber had a hit single called 'baby' which we all know of, so if the name bahar has the corellation to life and young it's obvious to say that Bahar is Justin Bieber.
Wow, that dude/girl really is a Bahar
by KkaebsongsYehet August 30, 2020
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Someone who commonly speaks the native tongue of bullshit is in love with dallas and who also has a terrible taste in music
Man she is such a stupid bahar bitch
by Dallarachix2 January 21, 2022
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