Newly dating someone with issues. Bringing emotional baggage to the table.
Oh you mean her? Yo Derek went straight to baggage claim son!
by turbo911 May 15, 2011
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When you are in an airport currently riding on a baggage claim naked balls out and all.
Mackenzie was trying to find her luggage and saw a baggage claim spinning around where her suit case was.
by Bub Boy July 22, 2018
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When two guys are having sex with one woman (on anal; one vag) and their balls (Bags) are smacking into each other.

Much like picking up your luggage from the airline. When all the luggage (Bags) are coming out onto the conveyer they all bump into each other.
Hey bro, this chick is down for a three- way. You in?

Im in; but only if you pick an end. Im not doing any baggage claim.
by Jack Macokov July 10, 2010
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A place where one meets a drug dealer to buy a bag (usually weed).
Hurry up we gotta get to baggage claim before Antonio shorts us again.
by rossie January 17, 2008
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A sexual position where you get the dick AND the balls in a piece of hot vag.
Last night I had a piece of pussy so hot I had to get my balls in there too, ya know, throw her the baggage claim.
by DerKreiglord June 25, 2010
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When a bunch of guys (maybe girls wearing strap-on dildos) insert their dicks into the anus of the next person in line. Works like an Armenian Conveyer Belt, except the chain in completed when the last person of the chain puts their dick or strap-on into the first person's anus, thus completing the circular fuck chain. Similar to an Armenian Conveyer Belt except circular in shape. Typically a stand in referee calls out the stroke timing for each synchronized group thrust. This referee typically uses a megaphone, and metronome, and wears a leprechaun outfit.
I'm going back to the party to partake in an airport baggage claim with some old high school friends.
by Whoever2 July 3, 2015
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A noun to describe a destination in which a narcotics dealer delivers product.
“Yo, this is Kyle. I’m here. Baggage claim is in the parking lot right behind the bar. Black SUV
by Jonathan Jokerst July 7, 2023
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