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The friend who comes along with you to various activities, but decides not to engage in the activity. As a result, he or she is stuck keeping everybody's backpacks, purse, etc. safe from harm.

Similar to the word Bag Boy, except you endlessly made fun of the Bag Bitch
We all had an awesome time at Great America except for John, who pussied out of every ride and was stuck being our Bag Bitch
by TheZTwin July 12, 2011
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Bag Bitch: "any person , male or female,hanging out with some one who has a bag of meth, Bagbitches have become so widespread in the states that one could acctully call it a profession, a regular jobthat pays! a Bagbitch makes about "2 cents" an hour, depending on whos holding the bag and how big the bag is.
Bag Bitch: doing anything they ask at anytime to anyone for any reason, kissing ther ass so much they might as well of licked it! just in hope that ther dear master might reward them with a nice fat bowl!
by Rebecca Miller June 20, 2007
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When you pull up to a fast food drive through, the "Bag Bitch" is the person that is riding shotgun and has to grab all the food bags from the driver and distribute the food to everyone in the car. They also must hold the empty bag which serves as the garbage bag for everyone.
Hey, Bag Bitch! I ordered the 20 piece chicken nuggets, not the cheeseburger!

Mandi is the Bag Bitch, give her the trash.

Why do I always have to be the "Big Bitch"!? I just wanna drink my milkshake!!
by FerReals July 23, 2012
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A subordinate whose only use is to carry the bag of a winner. Generally of the Kerry variety and has a tendency to crack.
Paddy, you will be my bag bitch.
by winner2013 February 26, 2013
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In EMS, a bag-bitch refers to an incompetent newbie, usually a cadet or fresh EMT, who is stuck carrying the basic-life-support bag while the senior EMT or Paramedic on scene performs patient treatment. Such a person may also serve as a walking-coat hanger for other kinds of bags and miscellaneous tools on a scene involving many medics, and may be upgraded to an errand-boy (one who does basic tasks and fetches medications from the dozens of bags and compartments) once they demonstrate some level of competence.
"Hey Miles, does that new guy have any potential, or is he just a Bag Bitch?"

"Oh, he's a Bag Bitch alright. Total FNG."
by CaptainQuadmay March 04, 2019
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