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An onomatopoeia often used in manga for when someone with large breasts walks up to (or past) a male character.
In "Higurashi: When They Cry" vol. 1, page 41, the sound effect is portrayed when Mion walks past the main character.

Busty character walks by "badum".
by Stiffofdeth June 06, 2009
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The word badum means to be a complete and total idiot and retard. It is a combination of Dumb, Bum and Duh.
Lots of people have been recently using the word refering to the patients in a crack house..
1)Dude! Look at him, he can hardly stand up straight! He is either drunk or badum!
2)Guy 1: what is 2 +3 equal to?
guy 2: is that a trick question?
Guy 1: uh, you are the definition of the word badum..
by gamer13 - Hans Sperling September 22, 2006
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