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We can drink some 40's tonight since my "baddy" Jamal picked up Lafonda for his weekend custody.
by Mike Borch June 26, 2007
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Chicago slang term for Adderalls

(See also: addies)
(Similar: xanny)
Person 1: You got them baddies bro?
Person 2: Yeah bruh. 20mg Pinkies
by Wesley Wannacry December 11, 2017
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Someone who is extremely bad at a certain task. Commonly used by gamers towards an opponent.
Wow, I just owned you, baddy!
by Jerren November 16, 2006
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similar to "body".

name for a bad body. a just downright ugly body. a baddy.
me: "dayum, Jim, yo girl has one hell of a baddy."
jim: "shush man, don't hate"
by Gramsis May 27, 2011
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