An adult toy company based in Phoenix, Arizona, that specializes in making fantasy sex toys. Very popular in the furry community. Very well-known as the main (if not only) company that makes dragon dildos, Bad-Dragon has plenty of other toys to offer, with a wide range of penetrative toys that include the genitalia of various creatures (Gryphons, werewolves, horses, and fusions like a wolfdragon) as well as fleshlights shaped for similar creatures, such as horses, dragonesses, deer, and more. They also make more unique toys, such as sheathes and they make packers for transgender clients who just want a dragon dick.

The company also sells accessories, such as lubricant that looks very similar to semen, condoms, and accessories with the brand's name. To further add to the company's uniqueness, one feature that can be included on penetrative toys is a tube to put cum lube into, as to mimic the sensation of someone cumming inside.

The brand does pride themselves on quality, and do sell slightly damaged toys at a discount in the "flops" section of their adoption page. A custom order can take up to six weeks to manufacture and deliver, but many clients claim it's well-worth the wait. It is suggested to start small with bad-dragon toys, as often times their small size is any other company's large.
I never thought I would be ordering a dragon's tongue dildo from Bad-Dragon, but here we are.

Bad-Dragon doesn't just sell dragon dildos! They have plenty of other toys for a vide variety of people!
by JasTheSeaBass March 9, 2016
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A company that sells adult sex toys that are "modeled" off of dragon genitalia. It appeals to people who wish they could have sex with dragons. They also sell other animal genitals too such as a horse dick, a dolphin dick, a dog dick, an orca dick, a wallaby dick exc. They even have tentacles.

Some dildos come with special tubes that shoot "Dragon Cum" lube out of the end. They only have one product for the heterosexual male called the "anthro-dragoness". The anthro-dragoness is a masturbator shaped like a dragon pussy.

Bad-dragon's website is
I just ordered more Dragon Cum from Bad-dragon.
by The rogue smiler July 12, 2010
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Don't look it up, it's for your innocence.

And for the iconic hit tune that was played on radio stations worldwide....

"Hey kids wanna yiff me with
bad dragon dicks?"
Bad Dragon
by WhydoievenexistFML August 21, 2022
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An online shopping service for custom-made animal dildos.
I bought something from Bad Dragon the yesterday, and it kept me up all night.
by El ritardo June 2, 2019
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v. The activity of rolling up a paperback copy of "Twelve Rules for Life" by esteemed author and professor Jordan B-money Peterson and inserts it into their vagina or rectum

n. A rolled copy of "Twelve Rules for Life" kept for mastibatory purposes.
I got so turned on last night watching a Contrapoints video that I just had to give myself a bad dragon of chaos.
by Alden's Locke September 8, 2021
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