Yo she’s a bad b
by Realjigga94 November 11, 2018
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Yo she’s a bad b ima get brizz easily
by February 13, 2022
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a girl who is ruthless and is not scared to do things that may result them in getting in trouble. They also make ruthless decisions and are not scared to get there point across even if it means them hurting other people’s feelings.
yh that maisy girl is a bad b
by we.move January 5, 2020
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a person that just doesn't give a shit. names like Francis; Paige, Nadia zak
she\he came in like a boss came out like a bad b
by urrbur January 16, 2020
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originating from Ipswich, a 'bad b' is a slut/sket. Derives from b.
Guy1-alright B
guy2-don't be touching her man she a bad b innit.
by Trippsta July 21, 2008
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The expression which debunks saying that something is "fortunate" or "unfortunate", because they do not specify who benefits or looses as a consequence of an event or outcome.
"Fortunate" and "unfortunate" are now debunked and archaic words. They are being replaced by "good for but bad for".

Because saying that a thing is " fortunate " or " unfortunate " does not specify who benefits and who looses. Thus, it's best to, for example, say, " It's good for A but bad for B that ____________________ ( a specific thing happenend ) " .
by but for October 9, 2018
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