When someone insults you with an unfunny or old joke.
John: What did you do last night?

Bob: Your mom!!

*awkward silence*

John: Bad call, bro..
by Skully222 April 22, 2009
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Its a sound used:
1-When the conversation is bad.
2-When you want to say to someone shut up!
3-When you can`t say a intelligent word
4-All the time

You use bad call everytime in your life
My dad is A REAL -Oli
by Sébastien Girard October 4, 2004
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Saying something so stupid that people start staring at you as if you were a perfect idiot
by Mathieu Grenier October 3, 2004
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Standard reply to something unsatisfactory or disagreeable
"I got raped last night"
"Bad call"
"I think I've got AIDS"
"Ooooh...VERY bad call - get the fuck away from me!"
by tiddlywinkle March 27, 2005
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Bitch. The phrase "Bad idea to call her" is a backronym for bitch.
Did you tell Bella we're having a party?
No, she's a bad-idea-to-call-her.
by selfimportantsht January 19, 2021
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