5 definitions by Mathieu Grenier

Language of the words that mean absolutely nothing but that can be put in almost any conversation as an usual word. Many people speak it everyday and don't even know it. Please check this out, you could be one of us too!
Blah, Chicewa, Ajezeuz, Heurgnghenhan, and Ragaganeuk, among others...
by Mathieu Grenier October 3, 2004
Kind of thing usually said by someone drunk as an Irish and disgusted by something gruesome
Math: Man I tell you that waiter is fucking flirting with you!!
Vince: Uh.. really?
Mel: Yup!!
Kev: Yup!!
Math: YUP!
Vince: ARCH!!!!!!!!
by Mathieu Grenier October 4, 2004
You MUST say "YOU GOT BOMBED!!" to any mother-fucker-bitch-ass-nigga that you actually screw.
Saying "YOU GOT BOMBED!!" involves that you move one of your hand upright figuring a bomb shell falling. Mime the explosion when you're done.
Seb: Man, I so fucked your mother yesterday! It was jaw breaking!!!
Vince: WHAT!?


Mich: (After several absences) Is there anyway I could get back in class?
Teacher: WHO ARE YOU?!?!?
by Mathieu Grenier October 4, 2004
Someone oldschool is someone acting cool and casual, bombing newbies on it's way, and always doing what he can to get a good time with his real buddies.
Seb dude! You're one oldschool mother fucka!
by Mathieu Grenier October 4, 2004
Saying something so stupid that people start staring at you as if you were a perfect idiot
by Mathieu Grenier October 3, 2004