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12 definitions by selfimportantsht

GF: you know I slept around when you were away.
BF: I knew it you slurty dint!
by selfimportantsht August 10, 2021
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The equivalent of Dick Measuring done by overly testosterone producing femoids (commonly known as a feminist) usually with the intent to demonstrate how men are "obnoxious" by being even more so.
Gloria: What a lovely day ... I bet public indecency in the park under the pretext of "#metoo" would ruin it for the families in the park.

Amelia as she whips out her sad saggy tits: Guess what Gloria, I have beaten you to it. BTW check out my clit, it's way bigger than yours.

Gloria: You got it, let's do some clit measuring.
by selfimportantsht December 2, 2020
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Article reflecting official faggy opinions of a magazine or any official statement that:

1- Holds a faggy position on an important subject OR a strong position on a faggy subject
2- Is a stroke job aimed at impressing or pleasing a particular faggy audience rather than expressing true views.
3- Is held by a faggot
by selfimportantsht January 16, 2016
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Jim: Hey Joe, how's your headache?
Joe: I went to the doctor as you said and I still have it but now I'm a $200 poorer.
Jim: You idiot, I said Dog Turd and not doctor.
by selfimportantsht December 12, 2020
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Have you seen the old lady with her tits peaking under her sweater?

That shit is NSFWOAWE
by selfimportantsht October 28, 2021
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An alternative pronunciation of James, usually with some mysterious and seductive connotations.

Thish shpeshific pronunshiation wash made popular by the great Sean Connery.
The name's Bond, Jamesh Bond.
by selfimportantsht July 13, 2022
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