12 definitions by selfimportantsht

Analysis founded on the basis of "because: vagina"
After thorough vagilysis of his words, Amelia concluded that Brad's description of electrical circuits was indeed mansplaining.
by selfimportantsht December 2, 2020
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GF: you know I slept around when you were away.
BF: I knew it you slurty dint!
by selfimportantsht August 10, 2021
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Article reflecting official faggy opinions of a magazine or any official statement that:

1- Holds a faggy position on an important subject OR a strong position on a faggy subject
2- Is a stroke job aimed at impressing or pleasing a particular faggy audience rather than expressing true views.
3- Is held by a faggot
by selfimportantsht January 16, 2016
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Bitch. The phrase "Bad idea to call her" is a backronym for bitch.
Did you tell Bella we're having a party?
No, she's a bad-idea-to-call-her.
by selfimportantsht January 19, 2021
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Little Intolerable Bitches
The libs use democracy to undermine the majority
by selfimportantsht July 31, 2022
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An alternative pronunciation of James, usually with some mysterious and seductive connotations.

Thish shpeshific pronunshiation wash made popular by the great Sean Connery.
The name's Bond, Jamesh Bond.
by selfimportantsht July 13, 2022
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To reproduce, formally or to fuck, casually speaking.
I caught two students trying to multiply without a calculator in the lockers and we ended up in doing a three-way multiplication.
by selfimportantsht May 17, 2021
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