3 definitions by tiddlywinkle

Used to express strong desire for something belonging to someone else. Normally used as a cheeky attempt to gain something with little effort
"Those chips look nice - share the wealth!"
"Good one"
"No really - share the wealth NOW!"
by tiddlywinkle March 27, 2005
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used to shut someone up when they are talking to you, when to be honest you just dont give a shit
"oh, did a tell you that laura's dog died?"
"she's really upset!"
"you could show more sympathy"
"sweet, anyway... more importantly, suck me off"
by tiddlywinkle March 29, 2005
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Standard reply to something unsatisfactory or disagreeable
"I got raped last night"
"Bad call"
"I think I've got AIDS"
"Ooooh...VERY bad call - get the fuck away from me!"
by tiddlywinkle March 27, 2005
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