A roblox meme. When you start playing Roblox, you will wear bacon hair. Bacon hair has been highly criticised for being the "worst hair on roblox."
HAHA!!! He is a nooby bacon hair!
by h2008 June 2, 2018
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A female noob, a.k.a. n00b who wears hair that looks like bacon on habbo hotel (habbo). Many HC (Habbo Club) members make fun of these bacon hairs or bacon n00bs.
Habbo Hotel Chat Room Conversation
Bacon Hair: oMG phr33 f00rni pl0x!11!11eleven!ong!one!111
Habbo Club: Um, no.
Bacon Hair: OmfG y00 r s00 meen1!!! i rep0ting you111
Habbo Club: Go ahead. -kicks out of chatroom-
Bacon Hair: -rejoins chat room- 0nG!!! y00 are s00 m333n m33 g3ttting my v1rtual 0nline ch4t b0yfri3nd to b33t you up!
by Psudonym1212 June 21, 2009
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When somebody has hair (usually girls) that looks like streaky bacon.
by GammaPlease [Holly] January 11, 2009
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They get treated like newborn puppys, like they are the same as you.
Awww! It's a ROBLOX bacon hair! Need help? 🥺
Turns out it was a fake bacon, the slender then gets mad at the person and says mic up kid.
by ROBLOX memes September 9, 2020
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Dumbasses that are extremely common in a game known as roblox.
extremely unfunny or overrated.
they are either a 2 year old toddler or a retarded tiktoker that makes unfunny jokes.
very difficult to find a bacon hair that has common sense.
These bacon hairs are fucking annoying.
I wanna squish every single bacon hairs face
by Peoplehater1234 April 22, 2022
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A person in ROBLOX that has Pal Hair and people like to call them “Bacon Hair”.
Example :
Hey Bacon Hair. Can I eat your hair?
*bullies laugh*
Bacon Hair : I will report you! D;
by totally not a noob June 11, 2018
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