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A) Verb. To take something that is already in a positive state of being and then elevate it to an unprecedented level of excellence by modifying or adding to it.

B) Verb. A deal sweetener.
Andre really bacon wrapped the deal by offering to deliver that muthafucka to LaRon's aunntie's house where he stay at.

The pizza shop hottie really bacon wrapped my order, she hooked it up with a free calzone AND extra ranch sauce.

If the bouncer isn't taking your $20 and is asking for more money, bacon wrap the deal by whispering a haiku in his left ear.
by A1MurderSauce October 05, 2012
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A piece of recently cooked bacon wrapped around your an erect penis.

Variations: Bacon Wrap Ole'
Holy Swiss cheese Batman, your bacon wrap looks delicious!
by The Hairy Pickle October 07, 2005
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Fat people sex. Plain and simple.

A threesome with two thin girls and a fat guy.
Sharlene and Katie had bacon wrap sex with George McFatty-just to see what it's like! Yuck!
by hey nnnnnnnniger August 02, 2009
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