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Whilst performing sexual intercourse, in the Doggie Style position, the non-receiving partner lubes up his/her hand and rabbit punches the receiving partner's anus. With luck, the fist will slide in, and be rapidly retracted, causing the receiving partner to gape. The non-receiving partner then quickly spins 180 degrees, and takes a rotten dump into the receiving partner's rectum.
Amanda: "Wow Jim that feels wonderful!"
Jim: "Backfill, bitch!"
Amanda: "OH MY ASS WHY!?"
by Nuglord April 03, 2011
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To skip ahead and come back later to pick up the pieces.
Person 1: "How's your assignment going?"
Person 2: "Good, I did the conclusion first and I'm going to backfill the rest later."
by Connor158910 April 14, 2018
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The act of shitting one's bed usually while in an intoxicated state.
"I backfilled something awful when I was a lad." Couldn't get the shit out of my duvet for 2 weeks."
by Steve November 13, 2003
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