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Verb. To be back-scuttled is to be done up the arse. Anal sex.
"Why would you want to look at a picture of some girl being back-scuttled by a cricket stump?"
by Peter Adams January 07, 2004
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Verb - To engage in sexual intercourse with your chosen partner from behind,doggy style
"I picked up some blart at the pub last night,took her home and backscuttled the tart.
by Uncle Len April 25, 2004
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a back scuttle is an act of buggerry you know fucking in the arse
right so you weren't scuttlin her in the arse you were back scuttlin her you take it up the arse gimp
fuck yes now go fuck a duck
go back scuttle my mother
i was told she got preety tits a nice minge and a nice arse that needs a good back scuttling any-fucking-way so i will back scuttle her
iam a stupid prick
by Jackroll March 31, 2006
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A term used to define when a man prods someone up the arse hole with his stiff penis violently. Often it can be used to describe a person being buggered without permission.

It can also be used in the sense of ridiculing someone verbally in a way where the person can be said to have been back scuttled.
Example 1:

Brian: ‎" . . . i've seen lots of demons before when I was trying to betray God but all the paths of lucifer were lies and he made me suffer with his tool shed. . . "

Terence: "So, what kind of mental image have you got with this Brian guy and the devil in Lucifer's tool shed?"

Mark: His uncle back scuttling him in the toolshed when no one's around.

Example 2:

" Mark really Back scuttled Brian in that debate on the Illuminati conspiracy forum, Brian was left with his conspiracy pants down around his kankles for everyone to see."
by Back Scuttler February 22, 2012
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