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When a girl tries to make a guy continue liking her while she’s in a relationship so that if she breaks up with her significant other she can go straight to dating her Back-Burner Bitch. Usually the Back-Burner Bitch never ends up dating them, and is used only for attention.
The girl got mad when Daine stopped liking her after Daine realized she was immature and only using him as a Back-Burner Bitch.
by Everything sucks January 17, 2018
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The feeling a trans person gets when he/she/they are able to start presenting as the gender they identify as and people start treating them accordingly
When they used my proper pronouns, my gender dysphoria became gender euphoria
by Black_berry September 13, 2018
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A bitch you keep around to talk to when your girlfriend is mad at you.
J :Yo are you still fucking with Larissa?
P: Nah she's just my back burner bitch.
by MarleyBarbie0420 January 11, 2017
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1. A bitch who keeps all the pots and pan on the back fucking burner, rather than in the fucking pots and pans cabinet.
2. A command while two people are in the kitchen cooking together, typically pronounced: Back-burner, Bitch!
3. Another word for a secondary-bitch, or back-up bitch, or side-bitch, this can be a chick-bitch or a man-bitch.
4. A bitch who burns your back at a tanning salon.
Sweetie, love of my life, put the fucking spaghetti sauce on the back-burner, bitch, or I will fucking make you my back-burner bitch.
by Chestnut + Hazel April 14, 2019
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when you are going out with someone or trying to get someones attention but they refuse to spend time with you or acknowledge you.
bob, quit treating me like some back burner bitch!
i'm going to have your baby!

betty you are looking a little hefty; you are a back burner bitch! i have a date with mistress sheila.

by aprovecharse January 17, 2007
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: a woman that a man keeps at a short distance while having a romantic or sexual relationship with someone else. This is usually achieved through casual flirting or other means to lead them on. They are basically on the back burner simmering and can be pulled to the from at any time. It is derived from the term "back burner".
Does your wife know that you have been talking to Brittany? Nah, she is just aback burner bitch in case I get tired of my wife.
by wedontlovedemhoes August 25, 2014
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A chick who is a back up friend , typically someone’s sister or relative , she’s not in your immediate circle of friends & does things like date your ex boyfriend or talk Shit about 1 of your main friends right to your face. But it doesn’t matter cause she’s just a BBB . You only hang out when there’s a larger group or all your other friends are busy.
I didn’t give a fuck about Sonias sister dating my ex it’s not like we tight , she’s just a Back-burner Bitch anyways..
by ROBERTA FRAPPLES October 06, 2019
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