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Blackened Baby Back

(Sometimes called loin ribs or simply back ribs.)

Pork ribs, usually cooked with an assortment of spices and seared until a blackish color. Commonly seen peering in.
I just had some BBQ BBB last night, and it was delicious.
by Blackened Baby Back July 31, 2008
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The BBB is the opposite of the KKK. It stands for Black Black Black. The BBB's are a group of black supremacist men who burn everything white they see. This is why they have no teeth or nails and why they tattoo their eyeballs black. Their symbol is '$' because almost all of them own some expensive black gold swagger.

P.s. They also only come out at night... because it's black.
Hey Blako! you shooting down to da BBB meating tenight. We gonna burn some white feminists who tink all us dem Blako's are bastards.
by You'reGayFaggot March 30, 2017
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Baby boy- something you call your significant other or just simply a young male
She texted me “Hey bbb how are you feeling?” At that moment I realized she was mine
by oliveyou69 October 12, 2017
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Better Bring Bread

Used before a party (usually in a text) to warn others that everyone is going to end up completely, wholly and irrevocably drunk by the end of the day. Night. Whatever.
by Its snowing right now. December 28, 2010
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BBB is an acronym for "Big Booty Bitches".

The term first started to be used after the hit Youtube video by ALostPeople called "Big Booty Bitches."

Today, BBB is used internationally as a term of fun and of course, Big Booty Bitches.

There are teams and clans out on the net supporting the BBB way of life.
I was Badcam'ing 3 BBB's in the back seat last night!

Man, look at those BBB's!
by Mike™ June 08, 2010
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Acronym standing for Bullshit Baffles Brains. There is some truth in this as highly persuasive people can influence highly intelligent people (Parliamentary lobby groups are a case in point). This is achieved by representing their arguments as reasonable, the view of the vast majority of people, the only sensible course and by securing the support of other people, groups or organisations. All that is required for the BBB effect to take hold and to avoid scrutiny is for there to be no direct challenge to the assertions of the bullshitter.

NOTE: In 1945 a British 'A' Class submarine, HMS Aurochs, was launched. The submarine's motto was 'Excreta Tauri Sapientam Fulgeat' which translates as 'a bull's excrement can fool a wise man' or Bullshit Baffles Brains. From this we know that the acronym must have been in widespread use during and before the Second World War.
Malcolm's cocked things up again and he's flooding the boss with as much jargon as he can think of to try to justify it.
Yeah that's our Malcolm hoping that BBB.
by Croatalin December 10, 2013
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