A sex partner, usually a FWB, that you only allow to rail you from the back. Avoids eye contact, desire to kiss and limits the risk of intimacy and feelings. Keeps it all in the physical realm of pure pleasure only.
Anytime I get horny I just call my back buddy. He rails, nuts and leaves.

My back buddy really railed me food. My ass is still gaping.
by Dick Onchin December 01, 2020
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A guy short enough to hang from the shoulders of a full grown man and 4x4 his meat mobile up the dirt road as the man does his daily activities.
Hey "Little Mike" I heard your Chris Obrien's Back Buddy.
by norman March 21, 2005
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Two homosexuals that live near one another and usually have sex without their wives knowing.
Damn, I had no idea John and Dan were back yard buddies!
by FineAsFuck1234 October 05, 2015
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One who helps wipe thy butt, usually after pooping, and done by an ex wife.
I can’t reach back there...I need my back yard buddy
by whoDis20 November 29, 2020
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