A derogatory term used to identify Vietnam-era veterans returning from the war in the late 1960's and early 1970's.
"Look what's getting off the plane. Friggin' baby killer!"
by Brainiac January 8, 2005
when a girl is giving oral sex to a man, the man cums in her mouth and she swallows it.
"man my girls a baby killer, she swallowed every drop!
by huckbulla July 1, 2009
An unusually large and often upgraded turbocharger found on diesel trucks, 8 second drag cars, and such. The name stmes from the fact that if a small child were to walk by while the turbo was spooled up, in theory the kid would be sucked in and run through the engine.
Dang that Dodge Cummins diesel has a baby killer turbo on it.
by gumbo May 2, 2006
In Puerto Rico a baby killer is a a female that dates a much younger male. It is seen as funny and weird. So that is the way to make fun of the situation.
by Duquichica January 7, 2005
any soldier that isn't drafted, or any member of a political administration that sends soldiers to an unjust foreign war.
"I don't care who you voted for in '04, they were both baby killers.
by Mitch Armstrong March 23, 2005