Baby rape is a woman engaging in sex for the purpose of becoming pregnant regardless of the wishes of her partner. Commonly this involves sabotaged condoms or lying about being on the pill. This can also involve a woman physically holding a man who wants to pull out until he ejaculates.

Places with high incidents of baby rape include military bases, south central Los Angeles, and rural high schools. It should also be noted baby rape is more likely when the male is more fiscally secure or more likely to move to a large town than other male residents. Hence American males are prone to baby rape in places like Russia, Jamaica, and south east Asia. This also holds true for urban males in rural areas of America and increases the odds the perpetrator is jailbait.
Jack: I'm gonna cum
Jack: I said I'm gonna cum I need to pull out
Jack: Damnit Jill let me pull out!
Jack: Unnnnh!
Jack: Did you just baby rape me?
Jill: Damn right I did I want to have a baby!
Jack: I thought we agreed not to have a baby until we buy a house.
Jill: You agreed but I want a baby now.
by Popov of the gods October 7, 2008
the act of destroying someone in any activity
"dude i totally just baby raped you in halo"
by Lyle Rudmaneeee December 8, 2009
Someone who has done something wrong, which in turn, creates a hassle for you to fix.
by Justyn October 14, 2004
Someone who angers mad women at the expense of their friends' testicles.
My 'friend' Spartacus, arse-grinded some woman - incurring the wrath of some angry whore-bitches, who were friends of his then-girlfriend. They then attacked me and my associate James Davill III, attempting to castrate us with bottles of smirnoff ice. It was unpleasant.
by Nishant Kumar Esq. February 13, 2005
1. a kid who's mom was raped and she had the kid.
2. huge insult.
3.implying your father is a dick
"dude, billy is totally a rape baby, quit making fun of him"
"fuck off you rape baby"
"my dad's cool.." "whatever rape baby"
by jilldo December 27, 2003
The moniker given Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy fame by several members of the internet community originating at the comment page of the popular blog, The Hater, featured on The Onion AV Club. The reasons for that name are obvious yet have already become unclear.
What is the name of that douche who plays bass for Fall Out Boy?

Rape Baby, duh. He's such a Wentz. The whole world knows that.
by c2feeln April 26, 2007