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When a guy busts such a huge fertile nut during intercourse that there is no doubt that the girl has been impregnated.
Mugs tells Nige "Daaammn that girls fine", Nige replies " I would definately bust a baby nut in that bitch"!
by Mugs and Nige August 28, 2008
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A light-hearted insult about someone slightly younger than you. I always call my little brother this, I am 26 he is 22. Originally I got this from a movie then started using it all the time especially with my little brothers and their friends or even my friends. Basically it is like saying that someone is immature.
What's up baby nuts.
I've been doing this a lot longer than you, baby nuts.
Whatever babynuts.
by Josh Houser July 31, 2006
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Timid, a choke artist. Someone who can't handle pressure. The opposite of clutch.
When the time came for him to make a move he came down with a bad case of baby nuts.
by Bang Bang Nick Lange May 11, 2006
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1. The undersized testes of a human male.
"You have babynuts"
"Hey babynuts. Fuck off."
"Last night your mom told me you have babynuts"
by Nick K March 18, 2006
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when someone has a high squeaky or homosexual voice, they have baby nuts.
sen dogg you cant rap from the guts
and b-real soundin' like he got baby nuts
by o'shea April 08, 2003
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1. someone that is younger then you, or a begeaner
2. usaly those people that jerk. beacuse then how wood they be able to wear there tight ass pants
guy #1 dude how can that guy wear those pants, he wont be able to have kids

guy #2 oh dont worry he has baby nuts, he could never have any.

guy #1 whact me get this girl

guy #2 you cant,you have baby nuts
by [that}clever{DJ] March 10, 2010
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Really fucking kickass - like the indescribable feeling you get when your balls are freshly coated with baby powder.

Must be said with a slightly stoned Israeli accent:
"ze bebbe naahts"
"One time I found a twenty dollar bill inside the asshole of a dead cat, and it was totally baby nuts."
by Jon Miz April 18, 2006
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