n. the things on a woman's torso that men love to suck on
Evan hoped that he would have the chance to suck on her baby bottles by the end of the night.
by birthcontroljill April 21, 2006
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in reference to Lean, using a baby bottle is a way to measure how much your pour up.
sebastian: Yo did you bring the baby bottle?
andrew: yea but i poured up a line already
by raeznet July 24, 2023
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Baby Bottling - The act of slapping a person in the forehead with your titty and leaving a mark in the shape of a baby bottle.
Janette slapped Nick in the forehead with her titty while he was sleeping and left a mark resembling the top of a baby bottle.
by NiceAngel November 10, 2018
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A bottle used for urinating while in a moving vehicle, by a baby who can't hold it to the next stop. See also truck bucket.
Randy: Pull over man, I gotta take a piss.
Ethan: No way, we'll never get there if we have to stop for you every five minutes. Just use the baby bottle.
Randy: Oh, right, I forgot about that.
by nowayman2 January 19, 2011
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Baby Bottle Pop is a sexual technique commonly used by prostitutes and intense drug users. It's the action of placing drugs , which are usually powdered on another persons genitals, commonly on the male genitals for its close resemblance to the Baby Bottle Pop candy treat.
Oh man! Dude! She dipped me in the bag then went to town on me! She went wild on me and I did too. She gave me the worlds best Baby Bottle Pop. I had no idea what exactly it was till she did it. Had my shlong looking just like that candy treat. #PowderedAndSuckedClean bro. Dang.
by xRAzorxDicex September 13, 2017
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Twist the top lick it, dip it and shake it and dip it again. A lollipop made like a baby bottle at the top that twists off with sugar on the bottom you can dip it into. mmm, for those kids who have never breast fed. Good source of hype and rotting teeth if you don't brush.
It's the Baby Bottle Pop, Baby Bottle Pop, take a lick, take a shit then steak it. Lick it again. It's the Baby Bottle Pop (delerius noise in the backround) Baby Bottle Pop...
by europopian December 15, 2009
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