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When something is so awesome, heinous, hilarious or any other form of amazing, negative or positive, it causes someone to stop immediately to say "Daaaaaaaaaaaaamn!"

They were "babbled."

As if what they were presently doing was completely halted in order to stop and say, Daaaaaaaaaaaaamn!
Your girl walks out of the room, ready to go out, and she makes you stop and say - "DAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN!"

You got babbled.


You're at a party, and the beer you open is bunk and immediately fizzes everywhere...

You were babbled.
by shrimpelephant November 13, 2016
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Any random crash or system error relating to computers. Termed for it's relation to the popular adult community- that can not seem to keep it's shit together.
Didn't mean to dip out... I just got babbled on msn messenger
by xassandra November 28, 2009
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