Nickname of Howard Stern Show producer Gary DellAbate. Coined after referring to an animation cell in his collection called "Babalouie". It has become the catchphrase of the show, and has many variances such as "Tatatoothy" in reference to his abnormally large teeth, "Flaflafloley", and "Mamamonkey" due to his vague resemblance to a primate.
Although often maligned, Dell’ Abate has distinguished himself as a talented and gifted producer and an integral part of the iconic show.
Not applicable, as it is used instead of his name.
by Mister Skin July 26, 2005
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Gary Dell'abbate from the Howard Stern show.
His other name is Bababooey because of an inside joke about a cartoon cell a long time ago. Artie Lange is on the show too, he rocks! Now give me 1000 thumbs up to help me fight cancer! Thanks!
by Andi March 16, 2005
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The viral meme "Bababooey" originates from this radio thing where this one guy was talking about this toy or smth from america called "babaloey" and he messed up the name calling it "Bababooey" several times, and that is how the meme was born.
Person 1:"Bababooey"
Person 2: "what does that even mean?"
Person 2: "you need help"
by garbage July 15, 2021
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B a b a b o o e y...
It's a funny word but no one knows what the hell it means.
by Yes_Itsme September 20, 2020
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Term used to describe a terrible and embarassing first ceremonial pitch.

Named after the producer of the Howard Stern Show who threw out one of the worst first pitches in MLB history.
"What a horrible pitch! He really Bababooey'd that one!"
by Horse Tooth Jackass May 19, 2009
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Bababooey was a sound effect that became popular in the end of 2019 due to a popular Youtuber twomad using it as his censor sound.
"Look! That slur was censored with Bababooey!
by SireuS7 June 11, 2020
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