Baal is the hottest lady alive. She is able to pull a sword out of her tiddies like oh my god you can see why kazuhas friend tried to go up against her

God of electro, because she can give you quite the shock
Claims to be the god of eternity, but all anyone can see is spending an eternity in her fat boobs and ass.

Some say if you sit in front of your toilet and masturbate for 69 hours while screaming "mommy" at 3am she will appear in your pity
Loser: have you seen baal? shes kinda weird, im skipping her banner
Superior person: no, have you seen her boobs and fat ass? and shes split an entire island, like she'll be splitting my legs later
Loser: wait fr.... can i join
by mothgutz July 19, 2021
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The final boss on Diablo II, can only be fought if you have the Lord of Destruction expansion pack. Has the coolest, wittiest voice in the whole game, the Druid being a distant second.
"Oh dear, I'm afraid your terms have been rejected"

-Baal, shortly after blowing a guy up.
by Sinan Alpsu April 10, 2005
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baal is life
baal is love
baal is everything that matters in this world
baal is the most beautiful, amazing, smart, hot, sexy, hot, beautiful, sexy, powerful, hot woman alive
i would let baal take my vision and I would apologize to her for wasting her precious time
i would let baal try her cooking skills on me since she can't cook

i would let baal treat me like she did with kazuha's friend

i would let baal take me instead of thoma so she could take my vision and maybe something else too
i would BEG baal to make me meet all the hot ladies she gave the electro visions to (razor too)

i would BEG ON MY KNEES baal to let me join her and yae in that one twitter fanart
i would beg God to be reincarnated as baal's sword

so basically baal is everything and i need to touch some grass
i am gay for Baal
why am I simping over pixels someone help me
by downbad August 12, 2021
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Metaphorically, a toxic idiot who thinks he knows a lot, can't face the problem directly and is passive aggressive to everything without any known reason.
by eura dikh August 10, 2020
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Slang in Bengali. Pubic hair above penis/vagina. Widely accepted slang in Bangladesh and eastern India just as English people use the word 'fuck'
Baal, I should have played well.
Baal headache.
by mandark316 May 22, 2010
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A caananite fire god. Owning tons of red-hot demoness bitches.
Baal is goin' out pimping in hell again!
by Dr. HATE March 30, 2005
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1. a bushy crotch
2. a person with intelligence quota equalling a bushy crotch
3. a general swear word
1. you need to shave your baal man!
2. did u know what a huber baal my bf is??
3. baal! i thought she wouldn't notice that i'm a transvestite!
by candelina February 28, 2005
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