Cool kid who has a massive dick gets all the bitches, is amazing at sport and is super sexy. Hates people named sebastion
That kid is so cool he's like a sakib
by MoMo123 February 07, 2014
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Sakib is a very shy kind of guy. He'll clearly choose
who he want's in his life and the ones he doesn't care
about then acts upon it. He isn't easily influenced by
others can be rude when around friends. He is
also immature at times but means no harm. But when
you have him to yourself, he is an amazing guy and his
true colors will shine!
His personality is very unique, and if you mean a lot to
him, he'll let you know. He acts tough but hes actually
got such a soft heart. He's got a great sense of humor,
and isn't afraid to show it off! He acts horny at times
but has a soft side. But he doesn't let many people
know it, only the ones he can really trust. He's a very
good flirt, but when in a relationship he sticks to that
girl and only her love her till death. He lets her know how special she is
in many ways, and shows her how much he adores
her. He is very naughty but takes care alot of her. Sometimes he'll have his bad days where he takes
it out on you, but if he believes your worth it, he will
always come back to you after a fight! Having him in
your life is one of the best things you could have.
His smile can brighten your world straight away,
and just being with him will bring you so many
memories and laughs. You may not realise it yet, but
losing him would be a huge loss, don't ever let Sakib lose you
ao Ha iauld laaua cuch a huaa imnact and a hola in
by Dr. Rodrego philps January 23, 2020
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Sakib is the name of the Asian boy next to you who has a massive dick that he shoved into your mom last night.
Wait Sakib staaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhppp
by JoBlowTheFish October 30, 2019
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