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BTAG aka Big Titted Asian Girl, very hard to find and very in demand.
Did you check out that BTAG, what a fox?
by Dan March 01, 2005
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Another term used for "Bitch"

-Yet in an appropriate manor so that nobody will understand what it means
Mom, you're such a fucking B-Tag!
"Whats b-tag?"
It means Beautiful woman!
"Oh, that's nice of you! here's some money!"

Works Every time =
by Tyler Vance May 26, 2008
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The best human being on the planet. Often hated on by republicans, she is a kickass liberal with a devoted fan club.
Q: I pray to Btags three times a day.

Haters: OMG Btags is soooo mean!
Fan club: Suck it you conservative bitches!
by MJforever July 31, 2009
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