Bitchy Resting Face, a disorder that makes women look bitchy when they're not.
Guy 1: Look there's the girl Matt hooked up with last night!
Guy 2: Wow, I heard she's really hard to get.She barely ever smiles.
Guy 1: Nah, man, she's easy. She just has BRF
by Megan3333333333 May 28, 2013
Bitchy Resting Face.

A relaxed face that looks mean or can be misunderstood as being in a bad mood when it's not.
Search for the web for this term to see some funny examples.
by c094728 July 3, 2013
BRF stands for Betaretardfag and it is where 4Chan meets VRChat under a drunk 4 AM night
What a fucking BRF

Hey guys I'm gonna go play BRFChat with my friends
by TopHanger March 18, 2020
BRF, or Best Roomies Forever, is a term used to describe a room-mating experience that brought you closer to someone you didn't know at first.
Man, that weekend in Tampa rooming with Megan made us total BRFs. We're going to room together again over the summer.
by MissTampa May 1, 2010
BRF For Bitchy Resting Face
Pronounced Burf

See also Burfing
Your Burf (BRF) is showing.
by DanoftheArctic May 2, 2019
Best Real Friend

A person who is always there when you need and when you have
She helped me through thick and thin, she's my BRF
by Immaculata August 7, 2020
brf is a slang term that stands for "bruh" with a whistling nose exhale. It is often used as a way to express agreement or approval of something.
if someone says "I just ate an entire pizza" and someone else responds with "brf," it means that they understand and approve of the person's actions. It is a casual, informal term that is often used among friends
by PrinceCharm December 9, 2022